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anarchistic journal online

  agora-central europe
civic society information

  Anarchofeminist Group

  ap distribuce
anarchistic portal online

internet provider

Arnika was established at the end of September 2001 by a part of activists working formerly with Children of the Earth. Arnika is an environmental NGO - a civic association in accordance with the Czech law.

  Britske Listy
Independent online media in Czech language

  Center for Contemporary Arts

  ceská média
portal on czech media

  ceskoslovenká anarchistická aliance
czechoslovakian anarchistic alliance


  Department of Mass Media
Department of Mass-Media; Faculty of Social Studies - Charles University Prague

Non-profit organisation aiming to help other non-profit organisations in the Czech Republic to use electronic communication systems and to have easy access to information technology

gender portal

Infoservis is a long-term project of the People in Need Foundation whose goal is to provide the Czech public with information concerning the events in world's crisis areas, serious violation of human rights and current global issues.

  konec konců
quartely journal on civic society issues

journal for political culture and civic society

  media report
project of the foundation of ferdinand peroutka

An independent social-environmental movement NESEHNUTÍ was founded in the fall 1997 in Brno with the goal of being actively involved in human rights, environment and animal rights related issues. The local group is currently leading several long-term campaigns in selected areas of focus. In addition to that we initiate various ad hoc or short term projects in reaction to current events or participate in such activities initiated by other organizations.

The New Presence magazine is Central Europe's eminent quarterly English-language journal, and is devoted to exploring current political, social, economic and cultural issues as they relate to the region.

  NoD. Experimental Space/Roxy
Experimental space of the Roxy, cultural centre in Prague.

  One World
Annual International Human Rights Documentary Festival

  Open Society Fund
Open Society Fund Prague supports the development of spiritual values, humanistic aims, education, and culture in the Czech Republic.

artist group

journal for politics, culture and civic society, (czech only)

  Radio Akropolis
Alternative radio station in Prague, located in the cultural centre "Akropolis" (formerly student radio "Strahov")

  radio akropolis
student radio

  Radio Jeleni
Streaming radio from Prague

  Radio ROTA
Czech Roma radio

Weekly independent magazine on politics in Czech language

  Society for Film and Sociology

  Transitions Online
Coverage on the changes in post-communist societies.

Art magazine from Prague
portal for technology and new culture

Multilingual online magazine

  [CAMP] Center for advanced Media
Established in early fall 1998 with the aim of introducing new media concepts and solutions to independent media and non-governmental organizations in the post-communist and developing worlds, through training, technical and content-building consulting, and project-oriented product development.

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