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FM@dia 06 Forum in Halle/Germany

Radio CORAX is hosting the radio & art festival RADIO REVOLTEN in Sept/Oct in Halle/Saale. On October 4th and 5th there will be the international conference Relating Radio with the FM@dia 06 Forum included.

The conference Relating Radio and the FM@dia 06 Forum are part of the RADIO REVOLTEN festival and provide a context for theoretical, aesthetic, and practical proposals. The main focus of the whole festival is on „The Future of Radio“. The FM@dia 06 Forum is to focus on the specific development and chances in East and Southeast Europe:

East Side Stories - New Old Radio Cultures in Eastern and Southeastern Europe - FM@dia Forum 06

The transformation of Eastern and Southeastern European societies has been paralleled by the restructuring of their broadcasting systems. Former state-ruled broadcasting stations were modified incrementally into institutions following Western models of public broadcasting, while new private commercial stations cropped up to compete in the radio market. This has proven to be a contradictory process caught in the struggles between old and new power brokers, local capital, and global players in the media business. The result has failed to produce a self-organized public to play a potentially decisive role in the further development of ambitious political and experimental radio formats. It's true that there have been numerous media initiatives, especially in the Internet, but they have usually lacked access to established radio channels. Under which conditions can experimental radio cultures in the countries of Eastern and Southeastern Europe exist? How great are the chances of using one's own frequencies and broadcasting capacities? What roles could the European Union and European broadcasting policies assume?

Please see the call for papers for the RELATING RADIO conference and the call for works for the RADIO REVOLTEN exhibition - The deadlines are March 31, 2006 (submissions for the exhibition), and March 15, 2006 (abstracts for the congress).

Participants and speakers from East Europe are very welcome, travelling and accomodation costs can be reimbursed for speakers and partly for participants, too.

Unterberg 11
06108 Halle
Tel. 0049-(0)345-27981810
Fax 0049-(0)345-27981811

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