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FM@dia Forum 2004  
Themes FM@dia Forum 2004
TOPIC AREAS Fmedia Forum 04

In the Fmedia Forum 04 we are adressing few topics of several following themes. For future presentations and workgroups, we are seeking proposals that address one or more of the topics:

1) Monitoring Media Policy and Civic Media in CEE/CIS countries:

- access to education in medialiteracy

- broadcasting regulation and participation of different communities in the media

- anti-corruption media policy

- transparency

- media balance

2) Research and Advocacy for Participatory/Community/Citizens' Media

--data and research findings, advocacy strategies and
research/evaluation methods that can help demonstrate to policymakers,
funders and civil society leaders the vital importance of grassroots,
community-based, autonomous, participatory media and ICT policies, systems
and projects
-- overcoming barriers to advocacy-oriented or participatory research
in academic circles
-- opportunities and methods for research that can support advocacy as well
as practitioner self-evaluation
-- the nexus between academic research and community aspirations --
pragmatic projects for equity, social inclusion and policy realignment
-- ICT and media policy and advocacy campaigns as empowering tools for
future initiatives
-- tactical, practice-based, or other 'non-traditional' research methods and models
-- interactive media and how it links to collaborative and
participatory research and practice

3) Working Models

-- stories and lessons from survivors, successes and disasters; transformed, extinct or emerging citizens' media and grassroots
networking projects, media/ICT advocacy and policy campaigns, researcher-practitioner collaborations. What specifically we can learn
from them to incorporate into our practice as researchers, advocates and media practitioners?
-- praxis models for engaging ICTs and media and grassroots activities, community participation or mobilization
-- lessons from other social movements, past campaigns or local examples that relate to current advocacy efforts for "communication
rights," "media democracy","free speech," "media diversity" and other goals, Open access, Open source, etc

4) Current Policy Issues and Implications:

-- discussions on current media/ICT policy issues and institutions such
as WSIS, WTO, FTAA, WIPO, Convention on Cultural Diversity and
local/regional policy and regulatory issues
-- specific current or emerging political/military/commercial threats
to free, diverse, autonomous and participatory media
-- specific current or emerging opportunities to advance communication
rights, information rights, freedom of speech
-- considerations of current media/ICT policy campaigns in local, regional or global contexts
-- evaluations of existing policy models at local, regional or world
-- the politics of media production and distribution processes

5) The Evolution of The EU Com Media Forum

-- opportunities for European Community Media Forum to advance
academic/advocacy/practitioner collaborations
-- specific ways that network members can help each other -- research,workshops, strategies and campaigns to further develop ECMF as a network and political force
-- workshops or discussions to address future goals, organizational structures, processes and activities for the network, next steps and
short & long term future of Fmedia Forum

6) Crossborder collaboration, multilingual projects

-- sharing knowledge, working in "crisis" conditions,

We are interested in session proposals that have a specific
intended action outcome, such as working sessions designed to initiate collaborative projects with the goal of producing actual tools such as:

- a guide to self evaluation for citizens media/advocacy groups

- guidelines for practitioner/advocate academic collaborations

- media education/media literacy curricula including a citizens' media

- collectively generated maps of the relationships among media and ICTpolicy issues

- booklets or pamphlets on current policy issues and how they relate to community media and ICTs

- public education materials (flyers, articles, posters, multimedia)
about citizens media/ICT and policy issues

- action plans, working groups and groundwork for participation in a
regional/global policy forum such as WSIS II or WTO, Social Forums and other
movement processes or activist campaigns.

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