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Press Info FM@dia Forum 2004
[En] Press Info on the FM@dia Forum 04

Meeting of Free Media initiatives in Prague (Cz) and Freistadt (A)

Press Conference: Monday, June 7th, 13.00h. NoD. Experimental Space, Dlouha 33

press conference: MONDAY
1.p.m. NOD Prague, Dlouha 33

The accession of ten further states to the European Union on the 1st of May is a significant historical moment. With the enlargement of the EU a picture of a coalescending Europe, a place of peace and cooperation is evoked. But intercultural exchange and cross-border communication between citizens of neighbouring regions still lag behind the general developments.

Free independent media initiatives - radio, TV, internet, press, publc campaining, cultural, human rights, environmental, etc-particularily foster communication in local frameworks, but also between and within various societal and linguistic communities. In the time between the 10th and the 13th of June the FM@dia Forum in Prague and Freistadt wants to bring forward the exchange and collaboration of various community media between "East" and "West" including also regions beyond the borders of the enlarged EU.

Free independent media complement and correct information which is produced by mainstream media. Nowadays, they constitute an essential component in the democratic develpment of our societies. Between the various regions of the "new Europe" the working conditions for independent media vary substantially on the political, economic, legal and societal defaults. The FM@dia Forum shall assist in developing strategies, which support a general appreciation of Free Media and secure their involvement in the policies of the European Union.

The expected participants of FM@dia in Prague and Freistadt come from very different media spheres and sectors of cultural, social and civic societal dedication. On the first two days an analysis of the developments of the national and European media landscapes, the composition of a "survival kit for independent media" and reflections towards sustainable exchange of programmes and content will be on the agenda. In Freistadt, on the 12th of June the significance of cross border media activism as a contribution to autonomous regional developments will be discussed.

FM@dia is an open forum for the formulation and discussion of strategies for a European network of Free Media.

More information about FM@dia is available on


NoD. Experimental Space
Dlouha 33
Praha 1, Old Town

4240 Freistadt
Salzgasse 15

Organised by:

Federation of Austrian Free Radios
Radio Z, Nrnberg
Radio Jeleni, Prague
Radio Corax, Interaudio, Halle
Econnect, Prague
Foundation und Center for Contemporary Art, Prague
European Civic Forum, Austria
NoD. Experimental Space, Prague
Radio FRO, Linz

Supported by:

Österreichisches Kuratorium für Presseausweise
Grüne Bildungswerkstatt, Austria
Renner Institute, Austria
RTR Broadcast- and Telecom Regulation ltd., Austria
European Cultural Foundation
Austrian Cultural Institute, Prague
Daniel Langlois Foundation for Art, Science and Technology
Ecconec s.r.o.Prague
Organiser - Contact:

Verband Freier Radios Österreich
c/o Thomas Kreiseder
Kirchengasse 4
4040 Linz

Local coordination:

Milos Vojtechovsky (Center for Contemporary Art, Radio Jeleni, Prag)

Otto Tremetzberger (Radio Freistadt)

Press Article - PDF Version:

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