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quality and public broadcasting

the impact of media concentration on public service

I will *shortly* introduce the IFJ campaign on quality and public broadcasting, but I will focus mainly on two aspects :
- the impact of media concentration on public service values in the
profession : the threats that massive foreign investments and the too slow transition from state radio-TV to public broadcasting have created for
public service values, i.e. not only in the "public" sector, but also how
the commercialisation of the information and the global media trends are influencing independance and quality in general; - the situation of journalists in central and eastern Europe : high
level of "freelances" who are actually what we call "forcedlances", and the need
for strong journalists" organisations in order to develop editorial
guidelines, ethical standards and social dialogue between journalists and their
employers. Also in reference with the recent accession to some countries in the EU.

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